Singing Crash Course

Start building confidence and improving your voice in the next 30-days with these key exercises for beginners.

What we will cover in this course:

  • Proper breathing and breathe control
  • Exercises to help you build power
  • How to release tension for a healthier voice
  • Making your vowels ring out
  • Student demonstrations
  • And more!

I Want to Show You That You CAN Sing...

That's Exactly Why I Created My CRASH COURSE

Hi, my name is Katie O'Brien and I wanted to show you that you have a voice inside your waiting to come alive.

That with a few simple exercises, you can start improving your singing voice over the next 30 days.

But most of all...

I want you to have fun with singing!

So if you finally want to learn how to build confidence in your singing voice....

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Release Vocal Tension

Learn exercises that help release vocal tension and create a healthier singing voice so that you can have more control and flexibility.

Hit Higher Notes

Learn how to bridge the connection between the lower and higher registers of your voice without breaking or cracking.

Build Power & Projection

Power comes down to relaxation and placement. If you don't have the right placement, your voice will never develop its true power.

Who Is This Course For?

Absolute Beginners looking to learn more about singing and singing technique.

Struggling Self Learners that have been trying to sing on their own but feel like something is missing in their voice.

Any who loves to sing and wants to learn how to do it better to maybe one day impress family, friends or even your significant other.

Here's How It Works?

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Enroll Today for Only $37