Start Freeing Your Voice And Become The Singer You Have Always Wanted To Be

Learn how to release tension, expand your range and find your true singing voice without leaving the comfort of your home.

Tell Me If This Sounds Like You

Do you struggle with trying to sing along to your favorite songs? 

You've tried singing but find your voice getting tight, cracking or breaking when you try to hit higher notes. 

Maybe you've tried learning all the "FREE" YouTube secrets, but still find yourself in the same place your were months or even years ago.

What If There Was A Way To...


Release tension in your voice so that you could hit those high notes effortlessly. 

Understand how to properly place your voice for bigger power and better projection.

Access a knowledgeable teacher to who could share specific voice shaping exercises with you without having to pay an arm and a leg for private voice lessons.

That's Exactly Why I Created The Basics Of Singing Business

Because I wanted to help you learn to sing and free your voice in an easier and simpler way.

I want you to learn how to sing along with the songs you love in the shower or even at karaoke.

But most of all...

I want you to have fun with singing!

So if you finally want to learn how to build confidence in your singing voice....

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Release Vocal Tension

Learn exercises that help release vocal tension and create a healthier singing voice so that you can have more control and flexibility.

Hit Higher Notes

Learn how to bridge the connection between the lower and higher registers of your voice without breaking or cracking.

Build Power & Projection

Power comes down to relaxation and placement. If you don't have the right placement, your voice will never develop its true power.

Here What Students Say About The Course:

Thanks for Katie O'Brien's Basics of Singing, I have learned so much more about the softer side of my voice. I have always been a singer that has struggled with tension and I found some of the onset exercises very helping in developing my voice in the higher ranges. I would highly recommend working with Katie if you are interested in getting started with singing.

Lauren Bateman

Katie O'Brien's "Singing Crash Course" does an outstanding job of delivering on its promise: to provide "the absolute basics of understanding your voice." The lessons are well thought out and easy to understand, and Katie's demonstrations are engaging and entertaining.


Kevin O'Shaughnessy

What's Covered In This Course:

 A 24-page Step by Step Workbook with instructions, tips, and exercises to help improve your singing.

✔️ 40+Bite-sized Video Lessons with simple-to-follow-along exercises.

✔️ 10+ Student Demo Videos so that you can learn from other's mistakes. Sometimes it's easier to learn and understand the voice when listening to someone else.

✔️ Downloadable Vocal Practice Tracks so that you can practice and improve you skills over time at home or on the road. 

✔️ Bundles Of Laughs as I teach in my own unique way with some very special guests and...ferns?

So who am I am why should I teach you how to sing?

Hi, my name is Katie O'Brien.

I am the head voice instructor at LB Music School near Boston where I have helped hundreds of students young and old set their voices free.

I believe that anyone who has the desire to sing can do just that.

I hold a Master's in Vocal Performance and use my years of live performance experience to help my students build confidence in their singing and discover the amazing voice that's waiting inside.

I have helped students develop their range and power in any genre of music: R&B, Musical Theatre, Classical, Pop and More!

And if you think you're too old, think again. I have worked with many students over the age of 50 who were longing to fulfill their lifelong dream of learning how to sing.

And that's exactly what I want to help YOU do!

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