The Opposite of a Vocal Warmup…?

I have a secret. I don’t always warm up. 

I think I might be opening a big can of worms in the singing world, but let’s be honest… sometimes we aren’t in the mood or don’t want to take the time to warm up with the same old exercises.

Am I saying you should never warm up? Absolutely not. I am a huge proponent of proper technique and ample warming up of the voice.

Can I let you in on a little secret, though? There are many times when I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off before a gig and the last thing I wanna do is dedicate 15 to 20 minutes to a vocal workout. So what do I do?

I do a few lip trills (which of course are my favorite), and then I choose 2 to 3 songs that I can sing comfortably. I’ll explain more in this video!

The Anti-Warmup for Singers