What is Vocalizing?


What is Vocalizing?

Vocalizing is simply using your voice. Every practice session should begin with a vocalization or a vocal exercise. Essentially, you are going to be warming up your voice before you sing a song and it should really only take about 10 or 15 minutes, if you’re doing all of the right exercises to “cover all the bases.” Vocal exercises are going to: increase blood circulation, improve flexibility, and get you ready to sing your repertoire. There are many vocal exercises and vocal warm-ups that you can do that cover different bases (I have a few on my channel…check these out):

10 Minute Vocal Workout

Another 10 Minute Vocal Workout

Quick Warmup in a Pinch

These warmups will help you with breath control, agility, phrasing, strengthening of the voice, extending the range, ear training, and improving your overall tone. One of the most important things you should know right off the bat as a beginner singer (or as ANY singer) is that it’s so important to have an understanding of how to keep an open throat. What does that mean exactly? An open throat involves lifting your soft palate (that’s that soft area behind the hard part of the roof of your mouth)…it’s what you feel rise and fall when you yawn. When you yawn, you can feel the back of your throat lifting up and the tongue naturally lowers itself, which creates an open space conducive to healthy singing. Creating an “OH” sound going to actually put you in a better position of understanding how to raise your soft palate and naturally lower the tongue. You do NOT want to force the tongue down because that can create a whole plethora of other things regarding tension. 
With all of these things in mind, I’m going to show you a few vocal exercises that will help you just ease into a better understanding of what to pay attention to what to listen for and what to feel in your throat. Enjoy!