What Exactly IS Vibrato in Singing, and How Do I Achieve It?

Have you ever heard someone sing, and whenever they hold a note, there's this "wavy" sound to it? That's vibrato!

Vibrato originates from Italian word "vibrare," which means "to vibrate." Basically, the sound that the voice (or any instrument) is producing is alternating very quickly between two pitches that are very close to each other. Its effect is believed to create warmth to the sound. 

Without getting too analytical, vibrato is oscillating pitch, but not to the point of deviation of the pitch. It actually acts as a tonal centering device. 

Most vocal experts agree that vibrato is a natural result of healthy vocal production, where proper breath control meets the laryngeal mechanism. It all comes together quite organically. It's a balance between muscle systems. 

I do not believe in "teaching vibrato" to students, because I don't believe it can be taught, rather, it occurs naturally with proper technique. I'll explain more in my video!

Don't Force Vibrato!